Saturday, 16 July 2011

Healing Hands

 Two weeks ago my dad died.

It has been very hard.

My heart has a hole in it that has no edges. The hole just ebbs and flows like the tide.

But healing has been happening, and it has been happening with the connection and love that comes from sharing such a shattering time with loved ones who are going through it with you. And it happens with the sharing of memories, and hugs, and tears, and the daily chores that must go on.

It comes with the healing power of hands: hands that hug, hands that wipe away tears, hands that clasp, hands that gently pat, hands that clap, hands that chop and slice and wipe and serve.

And much of that healing happens in the kitchen - at least in our family it does. And food is always part of it.

In the loving act of preparing nourishment for the swarm of aching hearts and bodies streaming through the house in the past few weeks, many hands were busy.

I remember my dad's hands and wish I could hold them again.


  1. Such a beautiful post. Healing will happen in it's own form, and in time. Savour all the wonderful memories :0)

  2. Thank you so much. The memories and all the support are so precious.

  3. The photography in this blog is awesome, it strongly portrays the grief, sorrow, and love that you are writing about.

  4. They say time heals all wounds...and this will also heal in time....always keep your faith and family close....